What is the ZenFone 9 price?

Update Aug 3, 2022 – You can buy a ZenFone 9 right now with international shipping. All colors, all configurations. Click here for details. Here are the official ZenFone 9 prices. And you can get the 8G/128G for € 729 for the first two weeks in some market! Check official ASUS stores.

  • € 799 – 8G/128G
  • $699 USD – 8G/128G
  • € 849 – 8G/256G (€ 879 in some markets)
  • € 899 – 16G/256G (€ 929 in some markets)

Official price is €799 for the 8G/128G version. More price updates to come. So our advice currently? Look at the official ZenFone 8 launch price of the 8/256 and increase it slightly (rounding up) and you will see the likely starting price of the 8G/128G ZenFone 9 model in  your country.

Update July 23, 2022 – We can say unofficially, but will great confidence, that yes, the ZenFone 9 price will see an increase over last years ZenFone 8. This is just the way that it is folks. Perhaps like other years, ASUS will offer a sale price for the first 2 weeks after the official unveiling during the pre order phase. Here is out best guess.

Take your country and look at the official launch price of the ZenFone 8 model 8/256GB version. Expect the ZenFone 9 model 8/128GB version to be priced slightly higher than that. Remember, make sure you’re looking for the launch price in your country and not the discounted price that most regions are seeing on their ZenFone 8 models. Original, release price is what you need to be checking.

USA prices for the ZenFone 8 model 8/128GB was $699 USD and 8/256GB was $749 USD. Those are official launch prices. It would seem odd for ASUS to choose a flagship phone to launch at an oddball $749, so the question whether they will go all the way up to $799 USD for the 8/128GB model or not. We are ruling out the same price as the ZenFone 8, so it’s going to either be $749.99 USD or $799.99 USD at launch in the USA.


We have a lot of experience in trying to best guess the price of various ASUS products. It’s never simple. There is also a lot of misinformation out there on the internet about the ZenFone 9 price. Let’s break down the price details.

We only have one leaker suggesting a retail price of €800-900. Let’s break this down.

First off, you cannot simply take a EURO price and convert that into the currency of your country. That is not how this works. It’s not as simple as that!

The €800-900 would be high. There are expected to be the following ZenFone 9 configurations:

8 + 128 GB / 8 + 256 GB / 16 + 256 GB

It’s best to look at the ZenFone 8 release prices. Italy is a strong ASUS market. Their prices are as follows:

€699 – ZenFone 8 : 8/128GB

€749 – ZenFone 8 : 8/256GB

So based on this? I would suggest the leak is not correct. It’s extremely unlikely for ASUS to increase their pricing by €100. Perhaps a €50 is possible but we can’t see a substantial increase.

In the US market, the ZenFone 8 can be found on the official ASUS store. They only have the one configuration and we expect this to be the same situation with the ZenFone 9. ASUS will target the lowest price model for a North American release. So the US price for the ZenFone 8 model with 8/128GB is $699. You can actually buy a 8/256GB model in the US for an official launch price of $749.

That it an encouraging price if you think about it. This will suggest the ZenFone 9 should have a very competitive price point for the North American market and other global markets.

We will update this post as the release date nears and the information starts to get more accurate. At this point, we don’t see a major price jump for the ZenFone 9. A slight increase over the ZenFone 8, but it will be within all the other major smartphone manufacturers.

Stay tuned!!

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