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ASUS offers $99 pre order gift – Links Inside

People have been very complimentary of the Zenfone 9. In fact, we believe the is the most highly regarded Zenfone ever. Yes, the Zenfone 6 was something special as well, but the volume of review of the Zenfone 9 say a lot. So, do you need one more reason why you should pre order one? […]

Breaking News! USA / Canada – Pre Order a Zenfone 9 now! Available Now. Full details.

Well this was quick! The fastest availability for a Zenfone for the US market and Canada market. Impressive feat by ASUS. We strongly urge you to pre order now because in past years the pre orders sell out and then you are stuck waiting for the next back of phones which will set you back […]

Zenfone 9 shows up at FCC – US launch coming soon!

We try to keep up with everything related to Zenfone releases. Every year when it comes to US and or Canada Zenfone releases and release dates, the FCC is a reliable indicator. On this front, we have some great news for people in the US hoping to buy a Zenfone 9 soon. Today, September 1, […]

Zenfone 9 Canada – How to buy a Zenfone 9 if you live in Canada

** News Sept 18, 2022 at 3pm EST ** Shopping Link: Just Arrived – $699 – White model 8GB/128GB – sold and shipped by (ships to Canada) click here to shop! The “sold and shipped by” opportunities have no been available for almost a week. Now is your chance to get a Zenfone […]

Zenfone 9 Battery Life Review and Comparisons

Who doesn’t love great battery life? Yes, ASUS upped the battery in the Zenfone 9 compared to the Zenfone 8 but in real terms, does it make a difference? If you want a mobile phone with the best battery life in a phone that isn’t a giant, the Zenfone 9 appears to be king of […]