Does the Zenfone 10 have stylus support?

We never claim to be better than anyone else out there. Not smarter that’s for sure! But do we have a “keener” eye than some? Perhaps you can share with us in the comments if we’re onto something. What the meaning is of this interesting item in the official ASUS teaser image? This image is part of the main Zenfone 10 launch marketing page. Red herrings just for giggles? Frankly speaking, we can only draw one conclusion here. And yes, we’re having a bit of fun with this while awaiting the launch event.

First let’s look at the photo as featured on ASUS’ own launch page:

Go ahead for a moment. It’s like a game! You can identify the items within that image which pertain to some element or feature of the Zenfone 10. Let’s help you out a bit.

Headphones = headphone jack

Camera = camera

Gimble = stabilization

Charging pad = wireless charging

Battery pack = big battery life

Keyboard = (not reading much into that but perhaps improved AI)

Plant = green color?


Pen = Zenfone 10 stylus?

What conclusion can you draw from the inclusion of a pen in this image? We can’t make any other conclusion other than ASUS is bringing stylus support to the Zenfone 10. The main players when it comes to sylus pen aka pencil input are well known brands. Stylus input has been around for a long while now. So would ASUS bring this into the “fold” with the Zenfone 10? We say it’s entirely possible.

If the Zenfone 10 is keeping a lot of “sameness” when it comes to the Zenfone 9, then the addition of an option pen/pencil/stylus accessory would help the Zenfone 10 differentiate itself from the Zenfone 9. To be clear, we have no indications from anywhere that ASUS is bringing stylus support to the Zenfone series. Color us curious though. Aside from the keyboard, the pen sticks out like a sore thumb to us.

But seriously. Please explain what significance the pen in the image is. A red herring? That seems too odd to us. Sure you could point to the keyboard and say that doesn’t make sense in the same way the pen may not make sense. Fair enough. We ask why ASUS would put 2 red herrings into a teaser image. Possible? Yes. Likely? Not really.

You tell us in the comment section. Are we delusional in thinking there is something to this? Is pen input something that is remotely interesting to you? Please share a thought in the comment section!

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