First official render of the ASUS Zenfone 10 – What we think so far

Well we are quite aware of how these things go it seems. As we suspected, we were days from a leak (or not so much) of an official render of the new Zenfone 10 series. Here we are folks!

Don’t let your eyes deceive you. This is indeed the Zenfone 10 and not the Zenfone 9. At first glance we get it. Not much has changed by the looks of it. However that is a good thing. No need to reinvent the wheel. That’s what we say!

No doubt we like the new colors! ASUS has gone with a white, red and green variety this time around. Sure there was a red Zenfone 9 but we are liking the pop of this new red color. Please don’t get your hopes up in all markets! We’ve seen in the past that all colors are not released in all markets. Most likely Europe and Asia will get the full slate of colors. The rest of the globe will have to wait and see. For example, the Zenfone 9 in North America got access to 4 colors but in limited supply. With a 5th color added, it may be a bit more debatable what colors decides on for some markets.

Same style camera bumps and design. That’s all good from our perspective. A bit more ASUS branding on the rear, along with the ASUS “A” icon logo in the bottom right corner. That’s a good way of creating some distinction between the ZF9 and ZF10.

Not that many sleeps left until ASUS takes the wraps off the Zenfone 10 and for the rollout of the pre orders. Expect a lot of similarities in terms of timelines to pre orders and for pricing. Stay tuned folks. It’s going to get good from this point up until the launch on June 29, 2023!

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