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Zenfone 10 Pre Order – Full Details, Where To Buy, Price, Availability

USA Zenfone 10 pre orders now available! Proper US Variant! Click here – Zenfone 10 starting at $699 US Version – International Shoppers! Buy a Zenfone 10 now! Here is the first listing we’ve found. Global shipping: Click Here – Zenfone 10 – 256G/8G in black or white color with international shipping. eBay listing! […]

ZenFone 9 Pre Order – Full Details, Where To Buy, Price, Availability

Note: We run NO ADS. If you appreciate us, then please shop using our links. It’s what keeps up going! Thank you for your consideration! ** News **    Shopping Links: –> Starting at $649 – In stock and shipping – Proper North American Variant – click here   Note: With our link above, the […]

US/Canada – Want an ROG Phone 3 instead? It’s available now.

There has been much debate about ASUS’ intent on bringing the ZenFone 7 to more markets. The original statement from ASUS suggested 5G compatibility issues were the reason why some markets like North America would not get a ZenFone 7 release. We can’t say whether the arrival of the 5G enabled ROG Phone 3 will […]

Live in the US? New ETA. Can you wait until Oct 2 for your ZenFone 6?

It has been a rocky road, this ZenFone 6 release. ASUS has managed to keep customers in the dark regarding shipping dates, release dates, and any other information that might help customers. It would appear the strategy of saying nothing trumps giving people bad news. If you knew the truth would you walk away without […]

US finally gets a ZenFone 6 pre order date! [updated]

Update 3: Well finally something “official” from ASUS. They have just tweeted that the wait is just about over. In the same tweet, they link to a Forbes article that indicates a US launch of the ZenFone 6 by the end of the month. So now we have three different sources saying something similar. The […]