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ZenFone 7 will have 5G (resulting in higher price) says ASUS

ASUS managed to keep the ZenFone 6 pricing in line with the previous ZenFone 5Z model, which as it turns out, was cheap enough to stand out from the competition. With the ZenFone 7, everyone should temper their expectations because ASUS has essentially said adding 5G will increase the average sales price (ASP) but a […]

Possible ZenFone 7 accessories spotted online

Just as we mentioned the ZenFone 7 discussion showing up online, we now have some information on what looks like some official ZenFone 7 accessories. Maybe it’s not too soon to start discussing the ZenFone 7 after all. The regulatory website Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has posted some new ASUS products that are officially named […]

Reddit folks already talking ZenFone 7. Is it too early for that?

What the heck? It’s late October and countries still are waiting on either an official ZenFone 6 launch or new inventory. Clearly the ZenFone 6 is still in demand regardless of how confusing the launch schedule has been. Given that fact, should people even start talking ZenFone 7 now? It seems that Reddit users are […]