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Price reactions at ZenFone Max Pro M1 unveil events

We are still trying to digest what just happened. Judging by initial reactions to the price unveil for the ZenFone Max Pro, we’re not alone in the astonishment. There are a number of words you can use to describe our reaction. Amazed. Shocked. Confused. Bewildered. Happy. The journey of the ZenFone series had be interesting […]

The ZenFone Max Pro looks like a real winner

Asus is proving here that they are listening. We’ve run a poll on this site since our launch and price and battery are clear winners in terms of what you want most. Here is live launch response in live chat: WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW Minds blown folks. Price breakdown: India Price: Rs. 10,999 – 3GB RAM/32GB Storage Rs. […]

Pure Android One ZenFone – ZenFone Max Pro (M1)

Asus is literally going all-out with this years ZenFone 5 launch. Now we’re looking at a pure Android experience aka Android One with the new ZenFone Max Pro (M1). This is about to happen officially with the India launching coming up. Some leaked renders have all but confirmed that Android One is part of the […]

ZenFone 5 Series – ZenFone 5Z, ZenFone 5, ZenFone 5 Lite

Asus just took the wraps off the ZenFone 5 series at MWC 2018. Key Release Date Info: ZenFone 5 Lite – Launches March 2018 ZenFone 5 – Launches April 2018 ZenFone 5Z – Launches June 2018 Key Price Info: ZenFone 5Z – Starting from 479 EUR As a price point comparison, flagship to flagship, the […]

ASUS announces Zenfone 5 plans at investors conference

There are only a few secrets remaining about the upcoming Zenfone 5 release from ASUS. According to information shared at the asus 2017 Q4 Investors Conference, the big splash is going to be made at MWC 2018 at the end of February. This is a departure from the typical Computex product launches in late May […]

ASUS confirms Zenfone 5 and Zenfone Max Pro (M1) launching in March

This is hard to imagine, but ASUS is confirming that the release date for the Zenfone 5 is indeed March 2018. Don’t get overly excited if you’re from North America or Europe because it’s going to be the Asian markets that will receive the March release date. It may be the summer for North America […]