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New ZenFone 6 software update improves speaker quality and more

ASUS has been taking some heat for not getting enough units out to the people to buy. We hear this sediment on a regular basis. I suppose the bright side of getting your phone later is that some of the software/hardware issues will be fixed in the meantime. With that in mind, ASUS just rolled […]

ROG Phone II available to buy in the US right now $899

Tired of waiting for the ZenFone 6 availability? We sort of joked a while back that the ROG Phone II might be available before the ZenFone 6. In a sense, that has come to fruition. You can now BUY the ROG Phone II for $899 USD including international orders, ships Oct 28. These ship first-come, […]

August ZenFone 6 Firmware Update adds 18 new options for smart key

Deep breath for ZenFone 6 owners. ASUS has just started to roll out a new firmware/software update. This continues the trend where ASUS is releasing firmware updates on a monthly basis. If you’ve wanted some more usability for the smart key, this update is going to make you very happy. People have mentioned the desire […]