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Update for ZenFone 6 brings Super Night Mode to ultra-wide sensor

It seems that ASUS is coming out of the gates hard with their ZenFone 6 launch. That is to say the company is hell-bent on getting it right this time. It’s odd to think of the bleak future of the ZenFone brand a few months ago to this amazing new ZenFone 6 release and the […]

ZenFone 6 India release date gets delayed

ASUS has been getting a lot of headlines the past few days regarding their legal issues in India regarding the use of the word, “zen”. A court has ruled that ASUS must stop using “zen” by a set date in July, but there is one more opportunity for the company to get the order revoked. […]

ASUS hits legal snag with ZenFone branding in India – Ordered to stop using

Have you heard the news of the day? The web is blowing up over this one. A court has ruled that ASUS cannot sell their products using “Zen” branding due to a tradmark dispute in India. A long established brand in India has a line of “Zen” mobile products and took ASUS to court over […]