Kernel source code confirms 6.4-inch display on ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS)

The only tweets happening these days sound pretty much all the same. When is the ZenFone 7 announcement? We don’t have that answer but we do try and provide news and tidbits that come out along the way here.

An interesting news story takes a look into the kernel source code of the ROG Phone 3 which happens to reference the ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) as well. From this, specs can be verified. A few interesting ones to be sure.

It is widely rumored that ASUS will release two ZenFone 7 models which will include a “pro” model along with their typical model. The EEC filing indicates the two different models, as well as the recent Bluetooth certification. We only say rumored because nothing official has been said by ASUS about the existence of a ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS).

Regarding this recent news story, they are able to confirm that the ZenFone 7 (not the pro model) comes with a Snapdragon 865 5G CPU. This has already been established via Geekbench results, but it’s confirmation none the less.

A big finding here which squashed the ridiculous misinformation circulating the web is that no, the ZenFone 7 does NOT have a 6.7-inch display. In fact, the story indicates that the display is actually 6.4-inches which is what the ZenFone 6 had. This makes much more sense!

Not surprisingly, it appears the ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) is coming with an LCD display of 2340 x 1080 resolution. What we hope for is that the expected ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS) comes with an AMOLED display but no evidence has been found thus far.

It’s curious to see that the news story indicates there is no in-screen fingerprint sensor. This would likely mean the same rear fingerprint reader that the ZenFone 6 employed, although this is guess work on our part. Is there any way ASUS could put a sensor on the front? Doubtful.

Rounding out the findings, the ZenFone 7 will make use of the triple slot SIM tray that also has a slot for an SD card. The microSD card slot means that a cheaper option might be possible with internal 64GB or 128GB storage, allowing for up to 2TB of external storage.

So that pretty much wraps up the findings from the kernel source code. Not a lot of surprises but at least the 6.7-inch display nonsense can be corrected by many websites out there. The ZenFone 7 (ZS670KL) is going to have a 6.4-inch display. Got it? Great.

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