A closer look at the new ZenFone 7 flip camera

The secret is officially out! ASUS has brought back the flip camera and it’s better than ever. Let’s have a closer look! We will start with photos, then follow-up with a breakdown on what’s new and improved!

Aside from adding in a new camera to the flip camera, there is plenty ASUS has done to improve what was, and is, an incredible innovation.

With a larger module to house the extra camera, ASUS modified the stepper motor to make it smaller, yet faster than before. We will post a video to give you some perspective but it’s very snappy in comparison to the original ZenFone 6 flip camera.

So the ZenFone 7 flip camera not only flips faster, but it’s also more subtle. As in, you can get finer adjustments on your angle. In technical terms, you now get to adjust the camera module angle in 0.5-degree steps rather than 2-degree steps that the ZenFone 6 offered. This means a better user experience when looking for the right angle to capture your video or photo. In fact, it also means smoother panoramic videos.

Durability was the biggest question mark for consumers when it came to this innovation with the ZenFone 6. No question that ASUS did a stellar job in the design because nowhere  will you find complaints about the ZenFone 6 flip camera failing or breaking. The design is a proven winner.

We mention durability because ASUS is touting the improved durability of the ZenFone 7 flip camera. You can now enjoy 200,000 flips according to ASUS which is for most people going to outlast the phones useful lifespan.

A neat added feature this year allows you to save three different angles that you most commonly use. This can be a time saver and added convenience!

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