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Sources indicate August 17th Zenfone 4 launch event in Taiwan

Through some Google translation, we believe that the Zenfone 4 line-up will be unveiled in Taiwan at an event scheduled for August 17th. This event has not been officially announced from what we can see, but apparently invitations have gone out. This date lines up with a recent Digitimes article which indicated an August Zenfone […]

Taiwan gets official Zenfone AR (ZS571KL) unveiling – Price Revealed

Asus didn’t waste any time here. Right after the official Taiwan event, the Zenfone AR is available immediately. We posted those details here if you’re interested in owning this phone first. Zenfone AR price in Taiwan (no contract): NT$24,990 Zenfone AR price in Taiwan (with contract): NT$9,990 The Zenfone AR is packed with every top […]

New report says Zenfone 4 coming at end of July

This is just breaking and we will have full details within hours. Digitimes is reporting that the Zenfone 4 launch or unveil will be happening at the end of July. Taiwan would be the first market to get the Zenfone 4, with other Asian countries to follow. The delay of the Zenfone 4 was largely […]

No Zenfone 4 at Computex 2017 event. Are we shocked? Nope.

No Zenfone 4 at Computex? How could this be? Truth be told we are not shocked by this development. Fact. Snapdragon 835 was delayed as were other supplies. On that basis it was hard to think Asus would come out with their Zenfone 4 at this point. Sure we hoped to see some new models […]

Asus CEO Jerry Shen says Zenfone AR to US in early July – costs less than Galaxy S8 Plus

Engadget caught up with Asus CEO Jerry Shen at Computex where they asked him about the Zenfone AR. According to Shen, the Zenfone AR is coming to Taiwan in mid-June and late-June or early July for the US market. Regarding price, it’s a bit funny. The Endgadge reporter asked Shen whether they would charge more […]

News of Zenfone 4 release date delays may be overblown

The news about the Zenfone 4 launch being delayed came our a week or two ago. At first glance this may seem like a big problem. However when you consider the previous Zenfone series release dates vs. announcements, perhaps the news isn’t so bad. According to Asus executives, a shortage of supplies has resulted in […]