Taiwan finally gets a ZenFone 6 release (updated)

Update: As expected, now that the ZenFone 6 is available to buy in Taiwan, now you can order one. Few in stock so be quick and check the network compatibility!

Next up on the ASUS smartphone take-over strategy? Taiwan. In a real “flipping of the script”, ASUS did not launch their new ZenFone in Taiwan nor did they give Taiwan first dibs on ZenFone 6 units. That honor went to Italy this time around with Europe getting the early ZenFone 6 love. So now that Taiwan is getting their release, what does that mean for everyone else?

We know that more opportunities will be coming shortly if you want to get your hands on a ZenFone 6. As in the past, Asia loves to sell products to elsewhere on the globe and we see this situation as being no different. You are likely to pay more especially if you want expedited shipping, but that may be a better option than waiting for release dates in your local market.

The issue will be regarding LTE bands and how the Asia model will tackle whatever market you are in. There could be shortcomings on network compatibility but that is going beyond the scope of this discussion. Figuring out phone compatibility is an art and science unto itself. There are plenty of resources around though that can answer some questions that you may have.

Be assured that the ZenFone 6 from Taiwan will work the same as the ZenFone 5 and 5z. You may find articles or resources a bit easier on the ZenFone 5 or 5z since those models have been on the market for the better part of a year.

We talked about that nifty ZenFone 6 Stand Case that ASUS is releasing. We haven’t seen the case in any markets, even in Italy. We are hoping that with Taiwan getting the ZenFone 6, the cases will also be available. We know there will be some listings online with some global shipping provided you don’t mind spending the extra cash for the official ASUS accessory.

Perhaps Taiwan will get first dibs on that illusive ZenFone 6 Edition 30? We are looking at the news and launch details and will post with more information as it becomes available.

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