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ASUS can thank ZenFone 6 for their smartphone business recovery

There has been some doom and gloom surrounding ASUS and their mobile phone business in the recent past. We were not immune to some of that pessimism with the announcement of cutbacks and fewer ZenFone models being launched. The bleak future seems rather short lived, as it appears now that ASUS executives are optimistic about […]

Full Details – India ASUS 6z (ZenFone 6)

India is an important market to ASUS and judging by the group of top executives on-hand for the ZenFone 6 (known as 6z in India due to trademark issue) launch event, this product is very important to the company. India has been price sensitive and with the praise that the 6z has received, it’s unclear […]

OptiFlex promises fastest app launches ever in the ZenFone 6

ASUS has made a concerted effort to streamline and reduce the ZenUI to an almost stock Android experience. This move has been universally applauded by consumers, observers and reviewers and the ZenFone 6 has received many accolades as a result. Although a lot of bulk was removed, not everything was scrapped. OptiFlex, a resource-management engine, […]