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ZenFone 6 gets released in Brasil – Fans wanted cheaper price

Update: Official price is R$2.699,00 for 6GB/64GB,  R$3.399,00 for 6GB/128GB, R$3.999,00 for 8GB/256GB, and R$4.899,00 for ZenFone 6 Edition 30 with 12GB/512GB. Brasil is getting a ZenFone 6 event today along with the ROG Phone 2 unveiling. With other markets still waiting for their own ZenFone 6 perhaps this is encouraging news. The official prices […]

Brasil gets their Zenfone 3 launch – Full Details

We can’t speak the language but we know impressive when we see it. The Zenvolution event in Brasil on October 25th was quite the spectacle. This may be one of the last Zenvolution events for Asus this year and they went out with a bang if that’s the case. We recommend you watch the highlight […]

Asus Brasil officially make Oct 25 date for Zenvolution launch event

The excitement from the Basil visitors about the launch of the Zenfone 3 Deluxe has been pretty clear. We often get emails from Brasil readers asking about when the launch date is and what the price will be. We may have some insight now! Google has made it official that they are holding a Zenvolution […]