ZenFone 6 gets released in Brasil – Fans wanted cheaper price

Update: Official price is R$2.699,00 for 6GB/64GB,  R$3.399,00 for 6GB/128GB, R$3.999,00 for 8GB/256GB, and R$4.899,00 for ZenFone 6 Edition 30 with 12GB/512GB.

Brasil is getting a ZenFone 6 event today along with the ROG Phone 2 unveiling. With other markets still waiting for their own ZenFone 6 perhaps this is encouraging news.

The official prices in Basil will be unveiled soon by ASUS, but there have been a few leaks from retailers prior to the official launch date. Retailers can get prices wrong, but Americana posted a product listing with a price of R$6.478,20 or R$7.198,00 with installments. The price is for the 6GB/64GB model. It’s not clear what configurations that will be available for Brasil and in what quantity.

What’s interesting about those discovered prices, a fan site who had a poll about prices showed that most people wanted a price of R$2.799 to R$3.350. It’s only natural that people want cheaper prices but ASUS has been quite consistent on offering the ZenFone 6 at the same price as last years ZenFone 5z. It would certainly be newsworthy if ASUS hikes the prices above last years model.

South East Asia is a region that is getting frustrated about a ZenFone 6 release. People have reached out to ASUS on the ZenTalk forums about the region and if there will be a release, but no ASUS staff have responded. No response is typical and it really have been unclear about availability almost from the original release date prior to the summer. We’ve also heard that Philippines may not be getting the ZenFone 6 at all which could be a big issue moving forward for ASUS. Canada also is waiting for a release which is a strange turn of events considering their close proximity to the US and the fact US has had units available for a couple months now. The mystery of the ZenFone 6 continues on.

Stay tuned for updated Brasil information as we are just hours away from the official launch event. As with every other market, we strongly suggest pre-ordering the second the opportunity comes up. Units are not plentiful and they will sell out quickly, putting you to the back off the line having to wait even longer. Good luck!

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