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Top 5 questions about the ZenFone 7 answered

With very few credible pieces of information to go with, we find this a challenging time. Sure we have a lot of experience covering ASUS product launches, but the ZenFone 7 is truly a mystery and we’re more than half way through the year! It’s curious to us why the ROG Phone 3 is widely […]

ZenFone 7 triple camera flip module possible, so says patent filings

ASUS really caught the tech world by surprise with their innovative “flip camera” module. It has proven to be the ultimate way to enable all-screen displays that are completely notch free. It’s so impressive that other big name phone companies have taken note. Huawei is one such company and their recent patent filing shows they […]

Android 10 rolling out to ZenFone 6

Things appeared bleak when ASUS announced cutbacks in their mobile phone division prior to the ZenFone 6 launch. Maybe they simply reduced some of the bulk. From the outside, many saw this downsizing as meaning an eventual exit from the mobile phone business by ASUS. In an odd twist, the ZenFone brand is seeing better […]