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August ZenFone 6 Firmware Update adds 18 new options for smart key

Deep breath for ZenFone 6 owners. ASUS has just started to roll out a new firmware/software update. This continues the trend where ASUS is releasing firmware updates on a monthly basis. If you’ve wanted some more usability for the smart key, this update is going to make you very happy. People have mentioned the desire […]

ASUS rolls out another ZenFone 6 software update

While most of the world sits around waiting for the opportunity to buy a ZenFone 6, ASUS continues to improve the phone through software updates. This new update is the second in July and brings with it a host of tweaks and improvements that hopefully we can appreciate at some point. As with the earlier […]

ASUS rolls out Android 9.0 Pie update to ZenFone 5Q / Lite

Ask almost anyone about their Android smartphone and you will get one common complaint. Where are the updates for the new Android version? Most times these complaints get met with crickets. This is not an ASUS ZenFone problem, it’s simply an Android problem. For now, let’s forget about what we don’t have and focus on […]