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What do you think is best feature of the ZenFone Max Pro?

Asus recently released a video in India in which they asked many tech journalists their favorite thing about the ZenFone Max Pro. Do you want to wager what they like the most? Completely unscientific and we only got a glimpse of various responses, but it seemed to me that the pure Android operating system was […]

Report out of India suggests that 2018/19 is do or die for ZenFone brand

We’ve sat on this story for a week or so contemplating whether to mention it or not. We did a follow-up with the article reporter and they did reply with additional information. On that basis, we do believe that it’s accurate. It’s also worth noting that the article was written prior to the India unveil […]

No big size Zenfone 4 models at launch. Zenfone 4s perhaps?

Asus is going the way of the iPhone, at least during the first phase of Zenfone 4 models. Size wise that is. The largest iPhone is the Plus model at 5.5-inches and similarly, the Zenfone 4 launch will see a 5.5-inch maximum size according to what we’ve seen and read. We do know from the […]

How important is price when deciding whether to buy a Zenfone 4?

We’ve ran a poll on the site for a long time regarding features you most want from a Zenfone. Battery life and price are the top choice, by a long shot. As we are quickly approaching the Zenfone 4 launch, let’s look at price. Asus has remained steadfast on their new pricing. They are set […]

Challenging times for Asus phone business according to recent Digitimes article

We’ve always looked at Digitimes as being a reliable source of information for the Asian markets, especially when it comes to Asus. With a lot of technology manufacturing coming out of Asia, Digitimes generally has their hand on the pulse of what’s going on. So far, we heard of challenges for Asus regarding the new […]

Does Asus need a Zenfone 4 model with removable battery?

Let’s talk about Zenfone 4. Most every company is ditching removable batteries but one could argue that this leaves an opening for Asus. They could offer something that the others aren’t. In a competitive marketplace, being different can be a bonus.  A removable battery would be filling a void in the marketplace. But of course […]