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Wanna buy a ZenFone 6 but can’t find one? We explain the situation.

Growing tired of waiting for a chance to buy a ZenFone 6? You’re not alone. We’ve seen and read the many unanswered questions about availability, and the uncertainty has led to some frustration out there. Deep breath time. We’re here to break down the situation and provide some insight in hopes of alleviating some of […]

ASUS can thank ZenFone 6 for their smartphone business recovery

There has been some doom and gloom surrounding ASUS and their mobile phone business in the recent past. We were not immune to some of that pessimism with the announcement of cutbacks and fewer ZenFone models being launched. The bleak future seems rather short lived, as it appears now that ASUS executives are optimistic about […]

Why the ZenFone 6 is the best ZenFone ever

Can we go out on a limb for a moment? Calling something the best can always be debated but that’s part of the fun right? With the launch of the ZenFone 6, we are now declaring this the best ZenFone ever. It’s hard to think of ASUS being able to top that original ZenFone Zoom. […]