Why the ZenFone 6 is the best ZenFone ever

Can we go out on a limb for a moment? Calling something the best can always be debated but that’s part of the fun right?

With the launch of the ZenFone 6, we are now declaring this the best ZenFone ever.

It’s hard to think of ASUS being able to top that original ZenFone Zoom. How about the pristine look of the ZenFone 3 Deluxe? There have been some diamonds in all those ZenFone releases over the years to be sure. And some outright fails of course.

We’ve always considered ASUS to be risk takers and with their lack of inspiration in previous ZenFone generations, our faith started to waiver. ASUS has been following trends which put them as just another smartphone maker bringing the same experience as the top players in the market. The ASUS brand wasn’t enough, and there wasn’t a uniqueness that could help them rise above the crowd.

So then we have the ZenFone 6 with its flip camera. Maybe it’s been done before, but has it been done in this way before? ASUS has essentially wielded the notch killer! In one fell swoop, ASUS has seemingly turned the smartphone designs today on their ear.

I admit, and perhaps you can as well, that after seeing the ZenFone 6 flip camera in action, you had a moment of enlightenment. Perhaps you thought like me and truly realized just how dumb notches are especially when there is a solution. I’m sure most of us know that notches are dumb but I believe ASUS just put an exclamation point on it. There is in fact a better way!

Why is this the best ZenFone ever? It’s because ASUS is bringing some meaningful innovation to the market. Perhaps not an original concept, but certainly they brought it out into the mainstream and people have taken notice.

The battery of 5,000mAh is also part of our criteria. ASUS put a 5,000mAh battery way back in the ZenFone 3 Zoom and ultimately it should be a standard for any smartphone that calls itself a flagship. Ask yourself this. Who wouldn’t want 5,000mAh over 4,000mAh?

The ZenFone 6 is the best ZenFone ever because it’s different than the rest. ASUS has essentially thrown caution to the wind here and done something different. The reward of course would be impressive sales but that’s a very hard nut to crack. We think ASUS is back on course though where they choose to innovate and take risks.



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