Zenfone 9 Canada – How to buy a Zenfone 9 if you live in Canada

** News Sept 18, 2022 at 3pm EST **

Shopping Link: Just Arrived – $699 – White model 8GB/128GB – sold and shipped by Amazon.com (ships to Canada) click here to shop!

The “sold and shipped by Amazon.com” opportunities have no been available for almost a week. Now is your chance to get a Zenfone 9 shipped to Canada. Impossible to say when or if other color and configurations will show up available to order.

Check back with us as we monitor and post in-stock updates. Remember, only “Sold and Shipped By Amazon.com” will ship to Canada. If you don’t see the Add to Cart or Buy Now buttons, it means Amazon inventory is zero. But this can change at a moments notice, so keep checking back here, or going back to Amazon. Please use our links if you appreciate what we do here. We run NO ADS. Your use of our shopping links helps keep us going. Thank you!

Note: The Amazon.com units are limited! If you see the “Buy Now” and  “Add to Cart” button, just order it. Yes, Amazon may also say “Temporarily out of stock.” but ignore that! If you can add to cart, then do it. This ensures your place in the queue and less waiting to get your Zenfone 9. Amazon inventory appears to be very limited and these will sell out and the chance to buy it now will be gone.

So far the black and white models are available in 8G/128G, 8G/256G and 16G/256G configurations. $699, $749 and $799 USD.

Sold and shipped by Amazon.com who DO SHIP THIS TO CANADA. If you do live in Canada, this is your shot. Amazon makes it easy for you in Canada when buying of the .com version of the website and for the most part, you will just pay your provincial tax on top of the currency conversion. It’s not bad at all.

If you check out the closest information source for Canadians regarding ASUS product availability, you would be looking at the ASUS North America Twitter account. Given the North America aspect of the account, what have they told us about a Zenfone 9 Canada release? You might be surprised.

The first order of business for Canadian visitors to our website is telling you whether or not you are getting a Zenfone 9 release in Canada. The answer to this question is murky at best. Yes Canadian friends, we don’t want to paint a picture of doubt in your mind but we try to keep things real around here.

We have definitely been watching the ASUS Canada website. On there, we see the Zenfone 8. Not a mention, nor a whisper of the Zenfone 9. Now this could be just a matter of bookkeeping and ASUS just needs to update their Canadian version of their website. Or? Perhaps Canada will not be seeing a release. It sounds strange saying this so let’s not dwell on this peculiar omission from the ASUS Canada website. It’s worth noting that ASUS USA had the Zenfone 9 pages up shortly after release. We are talking a month ago.

If we look at the Zenfone 8 release, it’s unclear whether you could even buy one in Canada. We do not believe there were any Canadian retailers selling the Zenfone 8. If you look south to the USA, the Zenfone 8 eventually made its way to the ASUS USA online store. A win for USA! Unfortunately for Canadians, the ASUS online store does NOT ship to Canada. So then it was a matter of sourcing out USA retailers selling the North American variant of the Zenfone 8 who would ship to Canada. Near mission impossible as it turned out.

Oh yes, on that ASUS North America twitter account many people have asked about a release date for Canada. The answer? Crickets. So this could indicate some uncertainty within ASUS about countries getting a Zenfone 9 release. What ASUS has said, over and over, is that the Zenfone 9 is being released in the US in September.

So this time around, with the hyped Zenfone 9, will Canada have better luck? We are thinking it’s a coin flip. A 50/50 chance. However, we do think there will be more opportunity to order a Zenfone 9 from the US and have it shipped into Canada. Thus, you will get the North America geared network bands that you so badly want. We also believe from past years, the USA Warranty will also be valid for Canadians who buy one in the US. We will need to source that warranty detail out because things do change. Policies can change and we don’t want to mislead anyone here. When we verify, be assured you will be the first to know.

At this point we can tell you what models/configurations you can expect:

8G/128G in Black or White – $699.99 USD

8G/256G in Black – $749.99 USD

16G/256G in Black – $799.99 USD

Remember as a Canadian, you will pay tax. You know your province, so you will pay the tax that you would normally pay if you were buying from a local store in your province. So for British Columbia for example, you would need to convert USD to CAD, then add 12% tax. Shipping charges not included in that total.

If you see that the USA gets pre orders, if you live in Canada, DO NOT WAIT. Pull the trigger and order. The reason is because these pre orders in the US will sell out. The Canada release, if it even happens, will be a while after the US. That is our feeling only. Just start thinking right now, what it is you want to do. Your opportunity from Canada will be to order via the US, provided there are any US retailers shipping to Canada. We are tracking all sources and will update as we learn more. When this happens, you need to be quick especially if you are thinking of the cheapest 8G/128G model.

We hope to see the Zenfone 9 product page show up on ASUS Canada. That will give us a better, more optimistic outlook on a Zenfone 9 Canada release. Oh, we should also note that the ASUS Canada website does indeed have a Zenfone 8 product page. You decide whether that mattered last year. We don’t think the Zenfone 8 product page indicated the phone was available to buy in Canadian stores or online retailers. We didn’t see any. All this said, if you live in Canada, are you optimistic? Pessimistic? Confused? We are “all of the above”.

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