As promised, ZenFone 7 arrives in Europe – Full Details

ASUS has kept their promise regarding the Europe release of the ZenFone 7. We now have full details including price, release date and European countries with availability.

There is a bit of a change in availability and configurations on the ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) so far. We are seeing a new combo with 8GB/128GB and no 6GB option available so far. The ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS) is available to buy in the 8GB/256GB configuration. Both Black and White colors are available.

We are seeing this show up now in many online retailers across Europe. Too many to mention. It may take us a day to figure out countries that are excluded from the ZenFone 7 European release.

We see a 2-year warranty which is a nice added bonus!

Special Offer – you receive ZenEar wireless headphones for free if buying from ASUS online stores.

Pre-Order Details:

  • Starts September 1

Shipping Date:

  • Ships September 9

Prices in Europe:

  • ZenFone 7 (8GB/128GB) – € 699.00
  • ZenFone 7 Pro (8GB/256GB) – € 799.00


GSM standard

  • GSM/2G , UMTS/3G , LTE/4G , 5G

LTE frequency

  • 700 MHz , 800 MHz , 850 MHz , 900 MHz , 1800 MHz , 1900 MHz , 2100 MHz , 2300 MHz , 2600 MHz

5G frequency band

  • 700 MHz , 850 MHz , 900 MHz , 1800 MHz , 2100 MHz , 2600 MHz , 3500 MHz , 3700 MHz

Data transfer
EDGE , GPRS , HSDPA 42 MBit/s , HSUPA 5,76 MBit/s , LTE

Price wise, if we just look at last years ZenFone 6 with 8GB/256GB with a non “plus” processor, this years ZenFone 7 Pro is 33% more expensive. Of course this isn’t an exact or fair comparison given that the ZenFone 7 Pro has the Snapdragon 865+ and not the 865.

As for who’s next? Likely Japan based on earlier reports. From there is where it gets interesting. Very few countries likely to go beyond this initial phase. Price and 5G issues are the factors in this situation. We’ve read from a well-known Indian tech journalist that the ZenFone 7 is not coming to India. Nothing official on that however, so let’s call that a rumor right now. However, ASUS India has not marketed anything regarding the ZenFone 7 and that silence is not a good indicator if you live there and want to buy one.



3 reasons we want a 4G ZenFone 7

This has been quite a launch for ASUS. The ZenFone 7 comes to market quite a bit later than normal thanks to the pandemic and then ASUS has run into 5G compatibility issues for a number of countries. Does a 4G version of the ZenFone 7 kill two birds with one stone? We say a 4G version kills three birds with one stone!

Let’s consider what a 4G ZenFone 7 version would bring. What problems would it be solving?

First, it would lower the price of the ZenFone 7 which according to our calculations in Taiwan, is 22% higher than the ZenFone 6. ASUS did give fair warning long before the ZenFone 7 launch that price of the next phone would be increased just simply because of the addition of 5G.

Secondly, not having 5G and going with 4G means greater global compatibility. For us, that means a North America release of the ZenFone 7. It would mean a release of the ZenFone 7 in the UK. Other countries with 5G band issues would be resolved in one foul swoop.

Thirdly, and this would create joy for many people out there, but a 4G ZenFone 7 might just have enough space inside for a 3.5mm headphone jack. ASUS has stated for their ROG Phone 3 which also has no headphone jack, there was space issues inside the phone due to the big battery and 5G.

It has been pointed out that other new phones with 5G and big batteries kept their headphone jacks. Sure, but those other phones don’t have a flip camera do they? Those other phones don’t have cooling like the ROG Phone 3 either.

Without much thinking, we’ve been able to come up with three pretty substantial benefits to a 4G version of the ZenFone 7. If you look at what Google has done, they have gone with an early 4G version of their new phone, with a more expensive 5G version coming shortly thereafter. Their decision was based on the North American market and weighed the price/compatibility factors.

For many markets, 5G is creeping ahead slowly. When 5G becomes problematic? It needs to be viewed more as a problem rather than a feature. From our vantage point, the addition of 5G has had more negative results than positive.

If the ZenFone 7 turns out to be too high of a price and doesn’t sell as expected, that may mean too much inventory on hand. Phone components that are in inventory could open the doors for a ZenFone 7 4G. Over the years we’ve seen similar ASUS products that appear to be making use of inventory. ZenFone AR anyone? That came back later as the ZenFone ARES. We seen something similar with the ASUS ZenPad as well.

So please uncle ASUS, consider a 4G  ZenFone 7. It’s very unlikely at this late stage to see something like this happen, but will the ZenFone 8 and 5G hamper the release too? If more people can get the flip camera with a 4G version, we say please consider it next time.


List of countries not getting a ZenFone 7 release

In a strange turn of events, the excitement of the new ZenFone launch comes with a bit of disappointment. It seems the ZenFone 7 is going to be one of the most limited ZenFone releases in years. A true surprise for us as we saw a real uptick in interest thanks to the ZenFone 6 and figured this would result in greater aspirations for the ZenFone 7. Will the expression “less is more” pan out for ASUS?

So we only learned yesterday that North America is officially not getting the ZenFone 7. This came the way of an official statement from ASUS so it’s 100% accurate.

According to a Digitimes story, at the online launch conference ASUS said the ZenFone 7 would become available in Europe and Japan at a later time. With that statement, it would be unwise to assume there is going to be a large number of countries added beyond those mentioned at the launch conference.

We can now add another country to the non-ZenFone 7 release list. We’ve read on Tech Advisor that the UK is not getting a ZenFone 7 release either.

Running tally list of countries not getting the ZenFone 7:

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK
  • (updating as news emerges)

With the US, Canada and now the UK, those are some big tech savvy markets with a big online presence. It will be interesting to see if consumers care or if it’s only the hardcore enthusiasts who care about this. Will there be much in the way of complaints from these markets from being excluded? So far we aren’t see much.

Will those big tech sites bother reviewing a phone that won’t be available to buy in their main market? A lot of reviews and articles are done for affiliate revenue and if you don’t have links to sell the phone, will some websites simply opt out? What’s the point of reviewing a device that isn’t available to buy? Imagine reviews a product while knowing full-well that your main audience won’t be able to buy it. Many readers must question this. It would be like being duped in a way. We’re afraid this is about to get a bit more weird.

We’ve started this post to keep you updated on what countries are actually getting a ZenFone 7 release.

What about India? There is one big market that is very tech savvy and loves their smartphones. The most common question I see online is, “when is the ZenFone 7 coming to India?” Whelp, it may not be a matter or when, but more a matter of “if” it is coming to India. It’s interesting to see that the ASUS India Twitter channel hasn’t posted a mention of the ZenFone 7. It’s eerily quiet in that regard. Perhaps many India consumers made the assumption (as we did) that just like every other year, they would get a release.

For us this is still a bizarre situation. It’s unfolding so this should get interesting in the next couple of weeks.

So, are you ready? If you have been watching and following up to the ZenFone 7 release and live in a country that won’t see a release, we feel your pain. You may have to switch your thinking from ZenFone 7 to ZenFone 8 and hope that ASUS is more generous with release countries next year. Odd to think this way considering the phone just launched!