New ZenFone 6 software update improves speaker quality and more

ASUS has been taking some heat for not getting enough units out to the people to buy. We hear this sediment on a regular basis. I suppose the bright side of getting your phone later is that some of the software/hardware issues will be fixed in the meantime. With that in mind, ASUS just rolled out their new and seemingly monthly software update.

This new September update bring the following fixes and improvements:

  • Updated 2019 Sep. security patch level. (20190901)
  • Improved speaker quality.
  • Fixed screen flickers at low brightness.
  • Optimized the system stability.

ZenFone 6 ZS630KL_ WW_16.1220.1909.193

Date: 2019/09/24

Version: 16.1220.1909.193

The improved speaker quality sounds tantalizing. If you’ve installed this update, please let us know in the comments below if you’ve seen an appreciable improvement to the speaker quality. It not certain if this improvement would apply to the phone call speaker volume as that has been something ASUS has worked on in previous updates.

We monitor the ASUS forums and the customer feedback regarding issues they are experiencing. A tip of the hat to the apparent communication between the forum moderators and the software team. The messages are getting to the right places and if you post a bug or issue, chances are your voice will be heard and there could in fact be a fix in a future update. The point being, report your issues and they will not be ignored. Go to the new ZenTalk forum where mods will take your concerns and issues seriously.

[source: ASUS]


ROG Phone II available to buy in the US right now $899

Tired of waiting for the ZenFone 6 availability? We sort of joked a while back that the ROG Phone II might be available before the ZenFone 6. In a sense, that has come to fruition. You can now BUY the ROG Phone II for $899 USD including international orders, ships Oct 28. These ship first-come, first-serve so order now and you will get it on the next shipment date rather than facing more delays by waiting. The initial batch of units sold out so be aware.

Where To Buy Now for US Customers:

Link: $899 – ROG Phone II – 12GB RAM – 512GB Storage – Free shipping – Ships Oct 28 – Sold by Mobile Advance fulfilled by Amazon

Where To Buy For US, Canada and International Customers:

B&H with free USA and Canada shipping. Also they ship international as well. The warranty on this phone is valid in US and Canada.

Link: $899 – ROG Phone II – 12GB RAM – 512GB Storage – 6,000mAh battery – Order Now ships later – with Free Shipping

Model: ZS660KL-S855P-12G512G-BK

Part Number: 90AI0011-M00400

Note: Not compatible with CDMA Networks such as: Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular

No question the ROG Phone II is a beast. Obviously the price is up there, but so are the specs. It goes big on pretty much everything. Sure the ZenFone 6 battery is 5,000mAh but the ROG Phone II goes beyond sanity with 6,000mAh. Aside from the beefy specs you are getting a more premium AMOLED display (2340 x 1080) over the LCD found in the ZenFone 6. There is no notch, but also no flip camera module. You can go up to 120Hz refresh rate which is a big benefit that the ZenFone 6 does not have. A special Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus goes beyond fast.

We are tracking down information about other markets including Canada, but you can buy and get free shipping with the above link.

Design wise it is quite different than the ZenFone 6, but if you’re using a case you should have no worries in that regard.

Live in the US? New ETA. Can you wait until Oct 2 for your ZenFone 6?

It has been a rocky road, this ZenFone 6 release. ASUS has managed to keep customers in the dark regarding shipping dates, release dates, and any other information that might help customers. It would appear the strategy of saying nothing trumps giving people bad news. If you knew the truth would you walk away without buying a ZenFone 6? That is a question ASUS cannot answer because they never disclosed dates in any meaningful way when it comes to retail availability. That said, we have a new date for you all.

How does October 2 grab you? If you live in the US, that appears to be the most solid information right now. And it’s hot off the presses. We haven’t seen a hard date listed anywhere for weeks now, so this Oct 2 date is something to sink your teeth into. That would be a shipping date, so if you’re going to pre-order, now is certainly the time to make that decision so that hopefully your unit will ship out on Oct 2. It’s noteworthy that the hard-to-find Twilight Silver model is also listed as being available on Oct 2.

Click here to see our full US/Canada pre-order and buying guide with dates, models and prices.

We did hear rumors about early October a number of days ago. It didn’t see fathomable, but now that the date has been published it’s a lot more real than we previously thought. It’s also worth considering that the one US retailer selling the North American variant of the ZenFone 6 got tired of fielding customer questions and decided it was best to put up a date just to appease the inquiring customers.

We hope that Oct 2 is a worst case scenario. We are tracking various sources to see if pre-orders from weeks ago may be shipping out prior to this published date.

Regarding this date and how it may affect Canada? It’s unclear. We’ve seen the Canada date being pushed back every three to four days during September. Maybe Canada is getting units before Oct 2, but certainly we can’t say one way or the other unfortunately.

So are you happy or angry about this Oct 2 date? Do you feel it would have been better to know this date earlier? If you knew the date was distant would it have affected your decision to buy or wait or simply go with a different phone all together? Let’s discuss in the comment section!

Our personal view, based on all the feedback we received, it would have been more respectful just to give people the bad news rather than keeping people in the dark. Full disclosure on delays, ETA, may have lost some sales, but given no other 5,000mAh phones with headphone jack and no notch are on the market, ASUS should not fear a mass exodus. To us, we wish this was handled differently.