Asus at Computex 2017 countdown and teasers begin!

Asus keeps  most of their prized creations under wraps for the Computex shows in Taipei Taiwan. They go all out and the company tends to go above and beyond when it comes to innovations. The only downside is that there is generally a long wait until these products come to store shelves. That is what we’re watching for this year. Will some of these products come to market earlier than previous Computex unveils?

So right now Asus just launched their Computex 2017 teaser page. Hard to believe it’s about ten more sleeps away.

Of course we are most interested in the Zenfone 4 series. It’s a bit unclear what’s happening. All indications are the Zenfone 4 Max will be first up but will Asus actually keep the other models under wraps for after Computex? That would be hard to imagine. Supply shortages have pushed back the release date on the Zenfone 4 series but we’re ultra curious if this means the unveiling will miss this all important event.

This image above is the main teaser so far. Edge? This may indicate thin and we know Asus has a gaming laptop which is supposed to be ground breaking. Could they also be teasing the big feature of the new Zenfone 4 series. Super thin?


Indonesia has Zenfone Zoom S and Zenfone Live launch event

The Indonesian market has been good to Asus and they tend to have very flamboyant launch events. The recent launch event for Zenfone Zoom S and Zenfone Live was no exception. Music, dancing, celebrities, big stage. This event had it all.


  • Zenfone Zoom S – Rp. 5.999.000
  • Zenfone Live – Rp. 1.799.000

The Zenfone Live is similar to the Zenfone Go budget line-up. The “live” refers to the beautification mode which make you look prettier for streaming. Obviously this will help some people more than others. Overall though it’s a model that’s geared for the lower end market.

The Zenfone Zoom S is the Zenfone 3 Zoom. Same phone, different name. Big battery, great display and obviously some great camera hardware on board.

Event Video:


Asus Italy starts selling Zenfone Zoom S (ZE553KL) at EUR 499

Italy is now starting to sell the newest Zenfone 3 model, going by the name of Zenfone Zoom S. Originally when the branding of “Zenfone Zoom S” was discovered it was thought as being an Asian market only branding but clearly that isn’t the case. It’s not clear the rhyme or reason for the alternate naming of this phone. Be assured though that this S model is the same as the 3 model.

Currently we’ve spotted listings on the Italy Asus eshop. Other European markets is something we are checking out and will report back. The price of EUR 499 may apply to most or all of Europe but we will investigate further.

The Zenfone Zoom S features dual rear cameras, AMOLED display and a massive 5,000mAh battery. A video by Asus worth checking out shows just how long the battery lasts in comparison to perhaps the most popular mobile phone on the planet. Check out the video here.

[source: Asus Italy eShop]


Zenfone 3 Max gets updated to Android Nougat 7.1.1

Doubters beware. Asus is showing the Android update support that is the most requested and desired by owners and potential owners. We see some discrepancies in notes listed by Asus. See screenshot below:

So our best guess so far is that the update is for the Zenfone 3 Max although we will update this post as necessary.

Version: ZC553KL_ WW_14.0200.1704.119

Date: 2017/07/15

Release Notes:

  • Update to Android Nougat 7.1.1

There are some features in the Nougat 7.1.1 update that are worthwhile. App Shortcuts are for when you hold down on an app icon and you get a list of specific actions. New emoji’s featuring more women.


Our Zenfone 3 Laser review is underway and coming soon!

So the plan right now is to get our Zenfone 3 Laser (ZC551KL) review up soon. We’ve had a bit of time using it so far and some testing is underway. Obviously as we near Computex at the end of this month, our focus will be on the Zenfone 4. However, the Zenfone 3 is here now and you can find some sale prices.

The Zenfone 3 Laser is above the Zenfone 3 Max in terms of specs. It’s a cheap phone for sure but it doesn’t skimp on the display which is 1920 x 1080 FHD. If you’re going to have a smartphone, having that 1080p capable display is well worth it. The other hardware? The Zenfone 3 Laser isn’t meant to top benchmark tests but it’s handling tasks rather well so far.

Here is a quick look at the retail box and the box contents.



Asus reveals the Zenfone 4s

Here is another nice Zenfone nugget dropped by the Q1 2017 investor conference. A slide displays the Zenfone 4s logo branding alongside the other top of class Zenfone models. Thus, the Zenfone 4s will not be mid ranged at all by the looks of it.

It’s not clear from the slide whether we’ve seen the last of the Deluxe line and whether it will be replaced by a 4s series. Obviously this is just breaking and next to no information is available at this time. We are just awaiting an English translation of the webcast to see if Asus CEO sprinkles in some juicy information along with the Zenfone 4s slide.

I think we can have fun with this one. How much RAM can Asus put in it? How big of a battery? And at what price?

Asus has been looking at delays for the Zenfone 4 rollout because of supply shortages. These shortage may also be affecting the next Apple iPhone so this is not just an Asus problem. The question is when will we realistically see a Zenfone 4s and will it be that model that comes out after the first batch of models. We have questions and not much more than that at this time.

Stay tuned for more details!

[source: Asus Q1 2017 Investor Conference]