ASUS offers $99 pre order gift – Links Inside

People have been very complimentary of the Zenfone 9. In fact, we believe the is the most highly regarded Zenfone ever. Yes, the Zenfone 6 was something special as well, but the volume of review of the Zenfone 9 say a lot. So, do you need one more reason why you should pre order one?

ASUS is offering a gift with a value of $99 to their US customers (also ships to Canada) provided you buy it from certain retail partners. Follow our links and we got you covered. It’s unclear whether a 3rd party seller like Mobile Advance is offering the same free $99 gift, but we will update as we learn more.

Here is an updated link so you can get in on this pre order gift. If you see a “buy now” or “add to cart button” along with “Temporarily out of stock.” GO THROUGH WITH THE ORDER. This means you can get your Zenfone 9. Other configurations you will see “Temporarily out of stock” without the button to order. If you see buttons, order!

Update: We haven’t see any Amazon inventory in the past two day. Not sure what the weekend holds Sept 10, 2022. We will post updates as we see inventory showing up.

Shopping Link: Zenfone 9 models in stock and shipping now – 8G/128G, 8G/256G, and 16G/256G – MSRP starting at $695 – – click here to shop!

This is what ASUS tweeted out today:

There is no official word yet from ASUS whether the gift will be only available for “sold and shipped by” or will it also apply to the 3rd party Mobile Advance who is selling the Zenfone 9 on as well. We do know that the Amazon units show up during the day. WE KNOW THIS FOR A FACT. So we urge you to check in almost on an hourly or more regular basis than that. Stock for example showed up last night for the $699 model and “sold and shipped by” but sold out within one hour. Inventory can show up at random times!

To get the free gift, until we learn otherwise, assume it’s only available for “sold and shipped by”. So as of writing, you can get the white 8G/256G model which should have the free gift despite the fact Amazon says nothing about it. Amazon units ship to Canada!

You will get ROG Cetra True Wireless gaming headphones for free. Not sure what this is exactly? Here is an image for you!

Here is what you get:

“Pre-order your Zenfone 9 today and for a limited time you’ll receive free ROG Cetra True wireless headphones ($99 value)!”

Promotion is only valid during 9/2/2022 to 9/30/2022 on exclusively. Color may vary, while supplies last

We have said from day one of the pre orders that you should get in on it right away and don’t hesitate. Whelp, here is another reason why you should act fast!

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