Why we’re excited about the ZenFone 9 launch!

ASUS is coming hard with a new ZenFone model this year. The ZenFone 8 was popular among reviewers with its robust feature set and quality build quality. We’ve been raving about ZenFone models for years, so welcome aboard! Now we need to talk about the ZenFone 9 and potentially ZenFone 9 Flip.

We can appreciate the business decisions that ASUS must make when it comes to what markets get what products. North America, Canada, US for example were left out of the last generation of ZenFone. A few other countries were not included as well.

We are encouraged this year for one reason. We see a ZenFone 9 launch event in New York city! Berlin and Taipei of course as well. Seeing New York listed for a launch event must mean something for the North American markets. In fact, maybe this says something about all the markets that were not included with the ZenFone 8 release.

Our passion remains with the ZenFone product line from ASUS. It’s why we get doubly disappointed when a big chunk of our audience doesn’t get the chance to pre order and buy the new ZenFone release in their home country.

As for a possible ZenFone 9 Flip? Nothing at this point. On a limited release basis most likely if at all. Let us know in the comment section what you’re most excited about with the ZenFone 9 release.

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