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Zenfone 9 size comparison vs. iPhone 13 Mini vs. Flagship Phones

Big shout out to the YouTuber The Tech Chap! This guy really did an amazing Zenfone 9 review video and we highly recommend you watch it. Part of review included Zenfone 9 size comparisons. People say that the Zenfone 9 is the best small phone out there, so just how small is it? You might […]

US gets an official Zenfone 9 release date from ASUS

Update August 10, 2022:   Global Version available from a reputable and trustworthy 3rd party seller with free shipping. The North American Zenfone 9 variant is not available to buy yet. It might be September before you can get a North American specific Zenfone 9 model in your hands if you live in the […]

ZenFone 9 Wallpaper Gallery

ZenFone 9 Pre Order – Full Details, Where To Buy, Price, Availability

Note: We run NO ADS. If you appreciate us, then please shop using our links. It’s what keeps up going! Thank you for your consideration! ** News **    Shopping Links: –> Starting at $649 – In stock and shipping – Proper North American Variant – click here   Note: With our link above, the […]

Image Gallery – White ZenFone 9

This color is looking pretty nice! It would be a shame to cover this up with a non-clear case!