Asus has big hopes for the Zenfone 3

According to a recent article in the Taipei Times, Asus is hoping for a lot of success with their upcoming June launch of the ZenFone 3. The market is getting tougher, but Asus was able to meet a lot of their expectations with the Zenfone 2. Can they build on their Zenfone 2 success with the Zenfone 3?

Nick Wu, Asustek CFO says that they are planning to sell 25 million smartphones in 2016 which is an increase of 25 percent from last year which saw sales of 20 million. He also says that they will be starting mass production in July, so keep this in mind if you’re planning on pre ordering a Zenfone 3.

Wu also indicated that Asus will be launching other phones in the second half of the year which should boost sales through the year to meet sales targets.

Jerry Shen, Asustek CEO, has said previously that they will be targeting the Zenfone 3 in emerging countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and India. Included in this targeting, Asus is hoping for 3% growth in countries like Indonesia up to 18% and India up to 5%.

Some industry forecasts for smartphone sales are more conservative than the Asus  targets with the Zenfone 3. For example, Gartner Inc just recently suggested that the market will see a 7% increase only. That’s a stark comparison to Asus’ hopes for Zenfone 3 to grow their smartphone sales by 25%.



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