Did everyone miss the Zenfone 3 in this video?

With everything going on in this Asus Computex 2016 teaser we can understand how people may have missed this. The lady in the video answers a phone. Can we guess what it might be? It must be an Asus phone and it certainly doesn’t appear to be an older model. Our best guess? It’s the Zenfone 3 folks.


Is that just any phone? Let’s look at what has been found on the Zenfone 3 so far and see what matches.


So based on an early Red Dot leak of the Zenfone 3, the two markings or lines or strips along the bottom of the phone says it’s a match.

We can also look at the side buttons which are shown only briefly and partially during the Computex 2016 teaser video.


What we see in the screenshot above is that there is distinctly two different buttons along the side. The button(s) closest to the top of the phone are cutoff in the trailer screenshot, but you can see something is there.


Again, proof positive on the likelihood of the phone in the video being the flagship model of the Zenfone 3.


Asus Teaser Video:

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