Asus CEO Jerry Shen says Zenfone AR is coming at CES 2017

Things seem quite clear that Asus is going to come strong to CES 2017 in January. News at it relates to the Zenfone Series comes from Digitimes which sources Asus CEO Jerry Shen who confirms an AR enabled smartphone, the Zenfone AR.

Details are not yet known, but according to Digitimes, the Zenfone AR will have a competitive price along with top performance and functions. Sounds intriguing for sure.

The difference between AR and VR is complicated because they are similar. Think of AR as like an overlay technology like how Google Glasses interacted with your world. It’s like computer objects laid overtop of the real world. You can distinguish the difference between the two. Augmented reality is a layer on top of the real world.

The big deal about an Asus AR phone is that it will support Google Tango according to Jerry Shen. If you want to learn a bit more about Google Project Tango, check out their dedicated website here. It’s quite overwhelming to think of the possibilities when Google shows off the technology via their videos. AR seems much more mainstream friendly as you won’t encase your case in a headset like with VR.

With a short time before CES 2017 we are hoping to have some more news about this mysterious Zenfone AR model.



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