Don’t expect ZenFone Max Pro in the US or Canada

ASUS is on record saying that the ZenFone Max Pro is largely for the Asian markets. Does that mean Europe won’t see the ZenFone Max Pro? Does that mean US and Canada won’t see the ZenFone Max Pro?

More than just ASUS speaking about the primary markets for the ZenFone Max Pro, we have seen an FCC submission for the ZenFone Max M1 and NOT the ZenFone Max Pro. The discouraging aspect of this situation is that ASUS is extremely unlikely to be bringing two versions of the MAX into the North American market.

With its pure Android OS, big battery, and overall value, we are quite sure that the ZenFone Max Pro could do very well in the US and Canada. The ZenFone Max M1 is not quite at the same level of performance/value as the ZenFone Max Pro and consumers in North America are astute and aware of the mobile phone variances.

At this point, our best guess is that the ZenFone 5Q, ZenFone 5, ZenFone 5Z, and ZenFone Max M1 are heading into the US and Canada market. Let’s also not forget about the ZenFone gaming phone (ROG gaming phone) that is likely to come into the US and Canada markets. That’s a lot of models and that would be pushing it to think there would be two different ZenFone Max models.

Europe may have better luck in getting the ZenFone Max Pro, but we have absolutely no indicators either way. ASUS is scrambling to pump up production for India and Asia so a delay would be likely if it was decided to make its way to European markets.

ASUS has a winner in the ZenFone Max Pro and we truly wish/hope we are wrong about the US and Canada markets. Unfortunately the North American mobile phone market is Apple, Google and Samsung dominated and ASUS  knows it’s a tough market to crack. Thus it’s a fairly low priority market.

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