ZenFone 5 gets a 90 overall score from DXOMark camera review

ASUS has been promoting their camera love starting heavily last year with the ZenFone 4 series. We love photo is one of the oft used ASUS marketing slogans for the ZenFone series.

The website DXOMark is largely considered the top authority when it comes to scoring/rating/reviewing mobile phone cameras. Certainly in the past we’ve seen Google touting (bragging) about their DXOMark scores in the past.

So now ASUS can do a bit of bragging because their ZenFone 5 scored an overall 90, with a 93 for photo and a 86 for video. In terms of the mid range mobile phones on the market, the ZenFone 5 is right at the top of class for the price. Consider too that the iPhone 8 scores a 92, just two above the ZenFone 5.

One major consideration here too is what software version that DXOMark testing the ZenFone 5 under. We’ve seen many times in the past when big websites do a review/critique of a mobile phone prior to a software update that improves camera performance. ASUS especially tends to roll out numerous camera performance improvements just after the release date. So keep this in mind depending on when you are reading this. ASUS may have improved the cameras beyond what the DXOMark website rated it under.

This is the first time for a ZenFone to be listed on DXOMark so this can certainly help ASUS and their photocentric ways.

Breaking down the DXOMark review into more detail, they were fond of the focus and bright light condition qualities of the camera performance. They found as the lighting conditions dimmed, the cameras struggle a bit more. Video wise DXOMark didn’t divulge too many specifics in terms of their 86 rating.

“Excellent mid range option…”
     – DXOMark.com

[source: DXOMark]

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