ASUS just teased the ROG phone aka ZenFone gaming phone

Can you feel it? Computex 2018 is nearly here and the excitement is building thanks to recent ASUS teasers. This particular teaser is special to us because it’s featuring this mystery gaming phone. Thankfully the teaser doesn’t leave a lot to imagination and it seems quite clear that it’s the ROG phone.

ASUS  says “COMING SOON”, June 4th, 2018 from Republic of Gamers. If you have any doubts, ASUS CEO Jerry Shen admitted during a recent interview that you can “expect” a gaming phone from the company. It looks like Shen can finally spill the beans soon.

In this teaser, it’s clear that the ZenFone gaming phone features front facing dual speakers. I also looks to feature the same design that you have come to expect from the ROG brand with the black and red accents.

There is a lot more in this teaser though. Our best guess is that it’s showing two different accessories or docks. It would appear that the ROG phone sits in these gamepads which likely have the traditional analogue sticks. ASUS has already developed and released their own Xbox like controllers in the past so they have the experience and knowledge of designs for such an accessory.

We expect top end hardware, along with a 5.7-inch display. The display technology is an interesting discussion because AMOLED is quality, but is lacking the same high refresh rate possibilities that LCD displays can provide. Typically a high refresh rate trumps all else, so we would be surprised to see an AMOLED display on this phone. Also expect a sizeable battery.

[source: ASUS ROG Twitter]

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