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The first thing you must do with your new ZenFone 6 before anything else

So you’re excited. Your ZenFone 6 has just arrived. You’ve unboxed it and gone through the setup process. Now you are ready to enjoy the latest and greatest ASUS innovation. We hate to spoil your fun, but there is something you should do before you go any further with your ZenFone 6. The first thing […]

Why you need a ZenFone 6 screen protector

You’ve likely read the spec sheet and know that the ZenFone 6 features Gorilla Glass screen protection. You have Gorilla Glass 6 protecting the front display and Gorilla Glass 3 protecting the rear of the phone. You would assume that your display is safe but unfortunately we’re going to steer you in a different direction. […]

The best free ZenFone theme and icon set ever!

Feeling a little lost when it comes to getting that perfect customized look and feel of your ZenUI? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but we’re going to recommend our absolute favorite theme and icon set. In our minds these are the best free options available. Our picks are from two different themes. […]