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ZenFone 8 coming to India. Good news for other global markets?

With the limited release of the ZenFone 7, there is some good news for the upcoming ZenFone 8 launch. It’s coming to India! While the world is excited for the launch of our new smartphone, we at ASUS India have consciously decided to defer the launch till the current scenario improves. Our thoughts n prayers […]

Gearing up for the ZenFone 8 launch!

Where have we been hiding? Far away it seems! We don’t need to dwell on the recent past because there are more important things to discuss. Such as…the upcoming ZenFone 8 launch! A lot of information has already hit the web and most likely you’ve already seen the images and read the specs on what […]

3 reasons we want a 4G ZenFone 7

This has been quite a launch for ASUS. The ZenFone 7 comes to market quite a bit later than normal thanks to the pandemic and then ASUS has run into 5G compatibility issues for a number of countries. Does a 4G version of the ZenFone 7 kill two birds with one stone? We say a […]