When is the US release date for the Zenfone 3?

We have been getting this question quite often (okay, maybe more than quite often) about when the Zenfone 3 is going to land in the US market. We hear you! We have been making every effort to find out this information for you.

Everything seems to be in place in terms of FCC submissions. There has been enough time for most of the Zenfone 3 models to start showing up in retail at this point. We generally suggest that when published on FCC, a product isn’t getting to market much earlier than four weeks after. It’s usually longer than four weeks.

We don’t want to tease you. Some of you have legitimate reasons for needing to know. The fact is we expect some type of details any day now. By next week will the release date and pricing be available? We sure hope so.

What are we doing for you to get the info? We track various areas of the web throughout each day looking for some type of indicators. We will pass these pieces of information along, as we discover them. If you haven’t signed up to our email mailing list (newsletter), then we recommend it.

Something will be happening late this week or during the weekend. It’s virtually October and with every country now having their Zenvolution events completed, it’s only the US left. Let’s just hope the announcement and prices are worth the wait. We will certainly hope that the phones will be available to purchase or pre order on the day Asus does finally announce something for the US market.

The Zenfone 3 Ultra is unlikely to see an official release, at least at this point in time. We have seen no FCC submissions so that says everything you need to know. It still could happen, so don’t give up just yet. It’s going to be a little while however if it does in fact make it to the US market.

Why has Asus taken so long to make the US announcement? This is a fair question. We simply can only speculate. The most likely reason is because they want to have units in stock and shipping right after they do the unveil. In years past, the launch event happens, and the products take quite a while before hitting store shelves. This year Asus may be doing things different. Also they may be holding off to find out competitors pricing (with the competition also release new phones around this same time) and making price adjustments on the fly. Asus will be the cheaper option and it’s something they deliver on a consistent basis.

Please stay with us. We hear you and we hope to break the news for you first!



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  1. Eumelanin Knight September 30, 2016 at 12:37 am #

    If the prices are actually lower than what they announced in May, then it was worth the wait IMO.

  2. Carl Kahler November 21, 2016 at 3:45 am #

    Some one knows something I really really want the Z3 ultra but dam why is Asus launching phones and making them available almost a year after.. that makes Zero marketing sense.This is almost making me wan’t to just get another device it will be outdated by the time it’s available LOL

  3. Carl Kahler November 21, 2016 at 3:48 am #

    And no the global version will not work with my carrier confirmed by all the used one’s on ebay.

  4. D January 2, 2017 at 6:42 pm #

    The Zenfone 3 Ultra is getting pressure from US carriers to prevent it from entering USA markets. This is because the carriers make more money by forcing customers to purchase voice and text plans. A phone like this could allow customers to use it for data and VOIP only and get lower cost plans. It’s shameful on the carriers’ part and lawsuits should be brought against them. This was all told me by a Samsung rep I talked to.

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