Digitimes report suggests Zenfone 4 will be released in August

This story has been in circulation for a little while now, but we just want to make mention of the information because Digitimes is often accurate as it pertains to Asus news.

So the story says the Zenfone 4 is coming in August. This has been suggested by other sources and seems accurate, although we have since learned that August 17th is likely the event date. In addition, Asus just recently put out four new teaser images for the Zenfone 4 series, highlighting camera capabilities.

Digitimes suggests Asus is four months behind its original schedule which was April. However these dates are not exact simply because Asus likely would have not unveiled the Zenfone 4 prior to June Computex 2017 event. Further, Asus would not have had the Zenfone 4 available to buy in Taiwan in June in all likelihood. There is a big difference between an unveiling vs. availability to buy. Asus is not that far off their schedule in our estimation.

There is a bit more information from Digitimes other than just a release date.

The story suggests that Asus

The sources indicate that the first model, the Zenfone 4 Max is targeted to compete with the following:

  • Oppo R11
  • Vivo X9
  • Xiaomi Mi 6
  • HTC U11

Digitimes suggests also that the delay in the Zenfone 3 launch meant that Asus shipped 10 million phones in 2016, missing the target of 25 million units. It’s difficult to verify sales numbers simply because Asus does not disclose that information. If you watch any investors conference, you will see Asus CEO Jerry Shen tip toe around questions regarding sales volumes. The number may be debatable but indicators are that the Zenfone 3 did fall short in terms of meeting sales targets.

[source: digitimes.com]

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