From Russia (Asus) with love, comes the Zenfone 4 Max (ZC554KL)

I betcha didn’t see this one coming! We sure didn’t. We’ve seen ZenPad tablets show up out of the blue without nary a mention, but a new Zenfone 4? This appears to be true and it’s officially up on the Asus Russia website.

It’s one of two things. Either Asus Russia slipped up or they are simply in a rush to get this model out the door. Certainly the Zenfone 4 Max (ZC554KL) isn’t a top end model. Rather it’s the budget series but still we would have expected Asus to hold back rather than have a fragmented Zenfone 4 release.

We are just setting up our dedicated page for this new model, but here is an overview. It’s 5.5-inches with a Snapdragon 430 or Snapdragon 425, along with a 5,000mAh battery. The notable design feature is the seemingly slim design even though it’s packing such a substantial battery inside.

From a design perspective there is nothing that screams budget phone. Three different colors, improved rear camera that allow for wide angle photography among various other improvements over the previous generation Zenfone 3 Max.

Reports indicate a price of RUB 13,900 for a 2GB RAM / 16GB storage model with Snapdragon S425.

We will break down all the details and specs on our ZC554KL specific page coming right up!

[source: Asus Russia]


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