Flipkart sells out of 8GB/256GB 6z model in a day

We know from the last couple of years that ASUS has shifted a lot of focus to the India market. It has been one of their priority markets especially with regards to the ZenFone series. In that sense it should be surprising that India has received more variety of models than most other markets. One of them even sold out already.

ASUS initially launched the 6GB/64GB model of the ASUS 6z (renamed due to ongoing “zen” trademark dispute) in India late June. As of July 1, 2019 two more models were added including the 6GB/128GB and the 8GB/256GB version. In about 24-hours we see that the 8GB/256GB model is already sold out. There is no indication of number of units sold at this point, but seeing the most expensive model selling out first does surprise us a bit.

We should also mention that the original model for sale on Flipkart did show as being out of stock but later that same day it was back in stock. So if you really want the 8GB/256GB model, it’s worth checking back at Flipkart over the next day or two to see if they magically come up with more units to sell.

India is fortunate with their opportunity to buy a ZenFone 6. Most other markets are still in a holding pattern when it comes to pre orders or actual in-stock units. We predicted that July would be a big month in terms of increased stock and likely US, Canada and UK availability, but nothing just yet. You can visit our dedicated and updated shopping/pre-order page here if you need to know what is happening. Also we suggest you sign-up for our newsletter as we will send out information as it comes available. The pressure is certainly building on ASUS to get unit for other markets.



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