News about ZenFone 7 hard to come by. Why?

As we reach the mid point of June 2020, barely a whisper about the ZenFone 7. This shows that ASUS is managing to limit leaks but at the same time it’s quite odd given the fact the ROG Phone 3 has been spotted in various ways. Both new phones slated for a similar launch date, so what gives?

We are quite certain that the ZenFone 7 is not going to feature the flip camera but instead will have a double pin hole on the front of the display. This belief comes from a couple of early leaked images that we believe to have some validity.

Given that the flip camera was a feature worthy of praise, the ZenFone 7 may not posses a similar “wow” factor and as a result, the inventory woes won’t be a problem this time around. So we expect no issues with in-stock inventory, but we do wonder if specs alone will be enough for the ASUS ZenFone 7 to get some of the ZenFone 6 shine. It’s doubtful considering the number of competitors and strong mobile phone brand names that tend to dominate every year.

The lack of news is largely the result of the virus pandemic. Computex 2020 being delayed and now cancelled has put a real damper in any ASUS product unveils. Many other companies have done low-key launches so it’s entirely possible that we will wake up and see the ZenFone 7 listed on the ASUS website without much of a lead-up at all. This would be acceptable given the global pandemic and concerns on a much bigger scale than a smartphone release.

So be assured that we are monitoring our usual source for ZenFone 7 information. Each day we get more determined because when the flood gates open, there will be lot of news and information to cover. Stay tuned and follow our Twitter channel for breaking news!

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