Breaking news on ZenFone 7 coming in hours

ASUS has done a stellar job at keeping the ZenFone 7 leaks to an absolute minimum. Things are about to change in a big way and we explain why.

Our claim of breaking news on the ZenFone 7 is coming within hours comes down to one rather important factor—the ROG Phone 3 unveil.

On July 22, 2020 ASUS will take the wraps off the ROG Phone 3. On that lead-up you could say leaks galore and not be far from the truth. There have been no shortage of renders and information about the next generation gaming phone from ASUS.

The principle of not stepping on ones toes makes sense here. It would make no sense from a marketing perspective to be launching and building hype for two different devices at the same time. Said another way, the ROG Phone 3 launch needs to happen before the ZenFone 7 starts to get some love from ASUS.

We are predicting hours, not days for the flood gates to open on the ZenFone 7. Some have speculated that the ZenFone 7 will make an appearance at the ROG Phone 3 event but we highly doubt it for the reason stated above. The ZenFone 7 deserves its own spotlight!

Another factor for why we think ASUS will be going hard on ZenFone 7 news in the minutes and hours following the ROG Phone 3 event is because of competition. There are plenty of competitors set to launch their new devices and ASUS needs to keep pace, and to do that, they need some leaks, renders and information to trickle out. The interest needs to keep pace with the competition so that it makes the purchase decision that much more difficult.

Think about it. If you see that ASUS is coming with their ZenFone 7 will a robust flip camera module, it’s going to make buying a different phone a lot more perplexing. ASUS can, and will stir up the mobile phone industry in hours from now. When that first render hits the web, be assured it’s all everyone will be talking about. The other brands have something to worry about here.

Needless to say, we recommend that you visit us often in the next number of days. It’s going to get hot and steamy regarding ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro news. Renders is what we crave just to confirm the flip camera module. That’s the biggie and the feature that has us up at night, tossing and turning.

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