New reports suggests flip camera on ZenFone 7 and Pro model

With ASUS set to unveil the ROG Phone 3 in about two weeks from now, the ZenFone 7 news and rumors have been rather minimal. That may be changing however. A new report from a reliable website is suggesting something we almost gave up hope on.

According to this new report, there will be two models, the ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro. We have been skeptical at the suggestion of there being more than one model because ASUS has been on record saying one phone, per year, that’s it. Maybe that taste of success with the ZenFone 6 changed their strategy.

Consider too that the ZenFone 6 featured LCD display technology. For many (like me) that was a deal breaker. It’s entirely possible that ASUS could include an AMOLED display technology on the ZenFone 7 Pro which could justify a higher price point. Many people would be more than happy to pay more for that display option.

The bigger aspect of this report however is that the ZenFone 7 will feature the flip camera module, but with more lenses. We took the previous leaked images of what was said to be the ZenFone 7 which show hole punch design and not flip camera.

Why might we believe this unsubstantiated report rather than the previously leaked images? It’s the silence of the ZenFone 7 rumors that has us curious. Maybe the reason ASUS has kept the ZenFone 7 under wraps to this extent is because they want to keep this a surprise. Either that or there is nothing particular special about the ZenFone 7 which would be true if it simply has the common hole punch design.

We have confidence in this recent report. It’s a credible source. Sure there isn’t a document or image associated with the report but we can certainly entertain it’s authenticity.

The ZenFone 7 has no official news so it’s certainly lagging behind the ROG Phone 3 which ASUS is promoting already. The ZenFone 7 could make an incredible splash if indeed it’s sporting a more complex, multi-lense flip camera module. Let’s all hope for something special!


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