ZS671KS is ZenFone 7 Pro – ZS670KS is ZenFone 7

This is a humbling moment for us. Not earth shattering bad, but we pride ourselves in getting accurate information on the ZenFone series and having reliable insight. We must swallow our pride and admit our mistake on this one however.

First, with a new filing at the EEC, we can now for the first time see two model numbers listed. These are the ZS670KS and the ZS671KS.

Without having any prior experience with ZenFone products, it would seem logical to assume the ZS670KS is the ZenFone 7 and the ZS671KS is the ZenFone 7 Pro. The higher the number, the better the model and it has always been that way.

We have in the past, suggested the ZS670KS is the ZenFone 7 Pro. Simply put, we were wrong.

It made sense based on the information that was available, but the information itself was not air tight. The “KS” does NOT mean Snapdragon Plus processor like we assumed. What we believe now is that ASUS has simply dropped “KL” which is something they used virtually from the start of their mobile phone business. The “KL” was indicative of Snapdragon processors. It’s because of that history we were thrown off a bit here. ASUS has seemingly moved their mobile phones to using “KS” and seemingly ditched “KL”.

But we move on! What’s most exciting is that there is some clarity and hard proof of the two models. It’s exciting right? It’s one step closer to knowing about the next generation ZenFone models.

We still are perplexed by one source we found previously.

They had phone parts for a ZS670KS and listed it with a Snapdragon Plus. An error didn’t seem plausible to us and frankly still doesn’t. However, the growing mountain of leaked information all points to the ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) having the Snapdragon 865 and not the Snapdragon 865 Plus. Is our confusion understandable? The parts website listing may simply be wrong or perhaps there is some misinterpretation on our end. The part is referencing a motherboard.

Whatever the case, the show goes on. The party is just getting started so stay close!

[source: mysmartprice]


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