Bluetooth certification confirms two ZenFone 7 models ZS670KS and ZS671KS

ASUS has been more than a little coy when it comes to the ZenFone 7 release. Trusty certifications are always reliable for gleaming some information. What we have is further proof of two different ZenFone 7 models.

August 1 sees a new listing on the Bluetooth certification pages, showing the ASUS_I002D which also lists the ZS670KS and ZS671KS. This is confirmation of what everyone wants to know.

ZenFone 7 = ZS670KS

ZenFone 7 Pro = ZS671KS

It’s about as simple as that and now it’s a slam dunk that we have our two ZenFone 7 models. Nowhere to hide now! This is the second certification listing showing these two models.

What you likely want to know is what this listing really means when it comes to a release date. For an official unveil, we expect late August to be the date. If you are in Europe, expect pre orders to roll out almost immediately, along with some Asian markets. We hope you visit us often during the lead-up and post-announcement because we will give you all the ZenFone 7 pre order and buy now options that exist.

A release date for North America aka US and Canada will come after that. Wait for the FCC listing before getting too excited about buying one off a store shelf in Canada or the United States. In general for US and Canada it’s more than a month after seeing the FCC listing and consider there hasn’t even been an ROG Phone 3 listing at FCC yet but the phone is available to buy already in Europe and Asia. North America is likely still a low priority market for ASUS when it comes to mobile phones unfortunately.

The ZenFone 7 Pro is going to be quite fascinating because so much is unknown. We can hope for an AMOLED display as that would be the most substantial upgrade that many consumers would be happy about. There can be some other “pro” benefits but aside from a faster processor we can’t think of anything better than an upgrade from LCD to AMOLED.

Price wise? Do not expect cheap models this year. Expect the ZenFone 7 Pro to be a Samsung/Apple flagship price point. Rumors have suggested the ZenFone 7 will be cheaper than the ROG Phone 3 which is not exactly breaking news. Either option will be expensive but well worth it considering the flip camera module is apparently part of this years design as well.

We expect bigger news from ASUS come August 3. Apple pushed their event into October so ASUS is likely feeling less pressure to get their next generation model out into the market. A smooth release means having enough units to ship and that takes time. Slow and steady works for us. That said, can we please see a render sometime soon?

[source: Bluetooth]

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  1. Grant August 4, 2020 at 4:26 pm #

    Whelp, nice to see things moving along but I’m growing tired of waiting. This is killing me! Appreciate the updates!

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