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Second Taiwan Zenfone 4 teaser image unveiled. Can you guess who it is?

We get it now! It’s a guessing game contest. The person in the teaser images is going to be the Asus Zenfone 4 spokesperson for the APAC market. We don’t want to spoil a surprise, but remember this article from So certainly the past couple of days are showing a lot of Zenfone 4 […]

New Asus Zenfone 4 teaser image out of Taiwan

Taiwan is getting first dibs on the Zenfone 4 series which is standard practice for Asus. Taiwan will get first and most availability. This means come August or the date the phones hit stores in Taiwan, you can buy one via eBay. Network compatibility is a consideration of course, but you don’t necessarily have to […]

Taiwan gets official Zenfone AR (ZS571KL) unveiling – Price Revealed

Asus didn’t waste any time here. Right after the official Taiwan event, the Zenfone AR is available immediately. We posted those details here if you’re interested in owning this phone first. Zenfone AR price in Taiwan (no contract): NT$24,990 Zenfone AR price in Taiwan (with contract): NT$9,990 The Zenfone AR is packed with every top […]