Newest Zenfone 2 Laser update removes a lot of bloatware

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Release Date: May 11, 2016

Want Android Marshmallow update? Zenfone 2 Laser owners can get it now, plus something else that might be appreciated by some owners.

We personally don’t take issue with pre installed apps, especially when you consider the low price point of the Zenfone smartphones. However if you listen to social media and comment  sections, people really complain about bloatware. Reviews of the Zenfone 2 were quite hard on Asus for the number of pre installed apps. Negative press is never a good thing and it appears since the initial launch of the Zenfone 2 last year, Asus has been slowly reducing those installed apps and allowing users to uninstall a lot of them.

Apps that are removed include: Omlet, Data Transfer, Photo Frame, ASUS Backup, Dr. Safety, What’s Next, Party Link, Remote Link, PC Link, Yahoo Shopping, EZ Ding, TripAdvisor, Zinio, iReader, Dr.Eye, Google+, Puffin Browser, Mirror, ASUS Email, ASUS Calendar, and ASUS Messaging.

Additions include: Google Calendar, Google Messenger, Dr. Booster.

If you were using any of the apps listed above, do not worry. These apps can be downloaded again via the Google Play app store.

This software up does not support APP2SD so you should transfer your apps to internal storage before running this update. Key point, so proceed with caution!


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  1. Ima May 15, 2016 at 7:15 pm #

    Some of the Asus apps are decent. Cheap price I care about more than their apps.

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