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ASUS rolls out Android 9.0 Pie update to ZenFone 5Q / Lite

Ask almost anyone about their Android smartphone and you will get one common complaint. Where are the updates for the new Android version? Most times these complaints get met with crickets. This is not an ASUS ZenFone problem, it’s simply an Android problem. For now, let’s forget about what we don’t have and focus on […]

Android Updates for ZenFone 6 – Android Q and R Guaranteed

People love their Android updates and clearly it’s a big selling point for phones. Most manufacturers are slow to update their Android versions to the latest and greatest. There is some good news if you are considering buying a ZenFone 6 based on promised future Android updates. The ZenFone 6 ships with Android 9.0 Pie. […]

ZenFone Android Updates 2019 – Everything you need to know.

We can appreciate that Android updates are important to ZenFone owners. If you are upset with the news we are about to share, consider that Android updates are slow no matter what manufacturer or company you’re dealing with. These things take time and even with Google’s attempts at making the process less painful for companies, […]