New software update fixes finger print sensor speed on ZenFone Max Pro

Asus has pushed out a software update ZB601KL_ZB602KL_WW_Phone-14.2016.1804.252 which addresses a complain that many early reviews with the slow response of the finger print sensor. Certainly this was a legitimate concern but can this new software patch change the public perception of this issue?

A challenge for mobile phone manufacturers is having early release units on the market that are in the hands of the most popular and biggest sites on the internet. Naturally the big sites with the loudest voice get priority for early review units and thus, those early review put the word out on the good and bad on the devices. In this case, the fix came after those early reviews and it’s hard to reverse those initial negative points about the finger print sensor. A fix like this isn’t likely to be added to most reviews out there unfortunately.

So the software update also brings face recognition functionality and it also improves the gyroscope functionality.

If you don’t see an automatic notification, you can go into your system settings and check for a software update. Make use of WiFi while checking for a software update.

It’s likely that Asus will add EIS (electronic image stabilization) to a future software update in addition to some camera performance improvements. This was being worked on according to sources close to ASUS.

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