Software update improves camera performance for ZenFone Max Pro

ASUS is showing to be quite reliable when it comes to dealing with software related issues or ZenFone issues. You may find some complaints about finger print reader slowness which has since been resolved via a software update. Additionally, that previous update did list camera performance improvements as well.

So today we see yet another ZenFone Max Pro software update which puts “Improve Camera performance” at the top of fixes. It doesn’t specify if it improves front camera performance but given the complaints out there, we would be surprised if this update wasn’t specific to the front camera. Hopefully there are some users out there who will provide some feedback about what improvements can be seen with this update.

If you don’t get an over the air update notification, connect to wifi and go into system settings and manually check for update.


ZenFone Max Pro ZB601KL_ WW_14.2016.1804.305
ZenFone Max Pro ZB602KL_ WW_14.2016.1804.305

(India model is ZB601KL)
(All other models are ZB602KL)

Release Notes:

1. Improve Camera performance.
2. Privacy Setting update.
3. Add GPS location icon into QuickSetting.

[source: ASUS – ZB601KL / ZB602KL]


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