Update for ZenFone 6 brings Super Night Mode to ultra-wide sensor

It seems that ASUS is coming out of the gates hard with their ZenFone 6 launch. That is to say the company is hell-bent on getting it right this time. It’s odd to think of the bleak future of the ZenFone brand a few months ago to this amazing new ZenFone 6 release and the rave reviews. Updates are one way to show you care and a few have already been rolled out. ASUS has now released another ZenFone 6 software update and this one is a goody if you’re into night photography.

Up until this update, the 13MP ultra-wide camera was without a night mode. Now with the rollout of software version 16.1210.1904.133, ASUS brings “Super Night Mode” to the ultra-wide camera. In addition, photo quality should improve with the tweaks of the camera rotation stability.

Here is the full list of tweaks and improvements coming from this software update:

  1. Enable “Super Night mode” on Ultra-wide camera.
  2. Get weather displayed on the lock screen.
  3. Optimize translation strings in Setting.
  4. Improve system stability.
  5. Improve camera rotation stability.
  6. Optimize UI Animation.
  7. Optimize the headphone sound quality.

Update Version:

  • ZenFone 6 ZS630KL_EU_16.1210.1904.133
  • ZenFone 6 ZS630KL_ WW_16.1210.1904.133

To get the update, generally you just need to be connected to a WiFi signal and a notification will show up. You can also manually prompt the ZenFone 6 to seek out the update by going into system settings. Path:  Settings > System > System updates

This software update makes a total of four since the ZenFone 6 unveiling. Considering that most markets are waiting for units to ship, this is good news. It means that a lot of people will be getting a more optimized ZenFone 6 experience out of the box rather than seeing gradual improvements and tweaks. According to ASUS, the ZenFone 5z got around 12 software updates over the course of a year, making it about one update per month. ZenFone 6 is certainly trending in a positive directions regarding updates. The more software updates, the more care and attention that ASUS is providing customers. Through various channels like forums and social media they can hear various issues from users and show they care by fixing the software complaints that have been brought forward by the community. As we say, the approach by ASUS seems far more attentive this time around.


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