New ZenFone 6 software update brings ARCore and camera improvements

ASUS continues rolling along with the ZenFone 6 software updates. It would seem that any reductions in resources for their mobile division isn’t affecting their quest for improvements of the ZenFone models. This new update bring a few goodies that are going to make a difference especially in regards to the ZenFone 6 camera.

Here is a direct quote from an ASUS rep regarding this new update:

“Night Mode is one area that has received a big improvement.”

We wrote an article recently about ARCore coming to the ZenFone 6 and it has now officially happened with this update. Read the article here where we talk about ARCore and what it really is. Essentially ARCore is Google’s platform for app developers to more easily create Android apps that make use of augmented reality. ARCore is interesting to be sure but it still needs to evolve AR app offerings beyond shopping related uses.

This new update brings with it a bevy of camera tweaks and features. Here is a list of the camera improvements and changes:

  1. Improved Video Call Experience
  2. Camera; Enabled 8X zoom in Photo mode
  3. Camera; Removed the time limit for FHD video recording
  4. Camera; Added the function: to start/stop video recording with Volume Keys in Camera app
  5. Camera; Improved Photo Image Quality on Noise Reduction
  6. Camera; Improved Camera Flipping Stability

Rounding out the software update:

  • Optimized screenshot stability and solved bug related to screenshot functionality
  • TaiwanMobile VoWiFi
  • June 2019 secuity patch
  • Updated translation strings in settings

Here are the details of the update:

Date: July 1, 2019

Version: 16.1210.1906.156

Name: ZS630KL_EU_16.1210.1906.156

For now this update has rolled out to the EU version, but expect this update very soon for the other region ZenFone 6 models.

Connect to WiFi to get the update notification. You can also force the update by going into Settings > System > System Updates.

[Source: ASUS ZenTalk]

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