ZenFone 6 quickly becomes a #1 best seller at US retailer

Talk about a quick turnaround for ASUS and their mobile phone business. It wasn’t that long ago when rumors were suggesting an end of the ZenFone brand. That didn’t happen, but a shifting and downsizing of their mobile phone business did happen. ASUS was down, but certainly not out. Consumers have responded favorably to the ZenFone 6 which has ultimately turned into sales.

We’ve just noticed that the US retailer B&H has labeled the $499 model (6GB/64GB) as their #1 Best Seller in mobile phones. It’s currently in pre-order phase but a short time ago it was in-stock and apparently some units sold. Enough to warrant a best seller label.

This news may frustrate folks in countries still waiting for a ZenFone 6 release. That’s understandable. Consider how unconventional this US release has been for ASUS.

First, no Amazon.com listings. Second, B&H was the only retailer in the US that ASUS gave units to. So for the entire country, US consumers could opt for the ASUS online store or B&H. That’s it. There is a silver lining to having B&H as the chosen retailer because they do ship internationally and ship for free to Canada on orders more than $99. If you want information about the 8GB/256GB model then check out our update details here.

Seeing this #1 Best Seller award on B&H should be encouraging news for ASUS. Sure the critics can say nice things and sure all the reviews can glow about the ZenFone 6 but that doesn’t necessarily mean that consumers are going to buy it. ASUS is still working on being seen as a mobile phone contender and a lot of consumers likely are not aware of the ASUS ZenFone products.

Step one, get reviews to love your device. Success! Step two, get people to buy your device. Success! Step three, produce enough inventory so people can buy your device. Clearly this is the only kink in the rollout of the ZenFone 6 and it’s a major one at that.

If the ZenFone 6 is selling and continues to sell, let’s hope to see some official ASUS accessories come to markets that normally don’t get those accessories. US and Canada certainly do not get ZenFone accessories. Bring the fine folks the official ZenFone 6 Stand Case please.

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